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Minnesota Dental Insurance

The importance of dental care has long been misunderstood.  The message we get from the health care industry, that doesn't include dental care, implies it is cosmetic and optional.

With the increase evidence showing a direct correlation between one's oral health and general health, dentistry is far from being just cosmetic, and certainly isn’t optional.

CAPS, a consumer cooperative, has put together a network of “member approved” dental providers (including dental specialists) who offer their services to our members.  They follow a pre-established dental fee schedule (representing a 20% to 30% savings) that members can count on.

Along the way CAPS will talk about how oral health relates to your general health, how an HSA account can save you even more on your dental care costs, the truth about dental insurance, and your own thoughts and questions about dentistry.

As consumers we need to better understand dentistry and dentists need to better understand the consumer; it is CAPS goal to facilitate this process.

CAPS dental benefits begin the same day as you enroll regardless of your oral health.



"I'm very satisfied with CAPS, there is no dental insurance offered through my job, and this program is the best I have found for me and my son."

~ Ms. L.C. St Paul

Dental Fees

When comparing CAPS set dental fee schedule to the average published dental fees in the Twin Cities members savings average 20% to 30%.

Plan Cost

  • Individual ($56.00/ annual)
  • Individual + 1 ($76.00 / annual)
  • Family ($96.00 / annual)
  • Employee Dental Benefit (Contact CAPS)


Emergency Dental Care

The stress one feels is almost worst then the pain one feels when dealing with a dental emergency.  With CAPS instant enrollment and immediate savings on needed dental care we help with reducing the stress.  With “member approved” dental offices throughout the Twin Cities finding immediate dental care is convenient.

“For every $1.00 spent on preventive oral health care saves $8.00 to $50.00 on restorative and emergency procedures.”

American Dental Hygienists Association

Increase your chances for a long healthy life with regular dental visits.
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Experience the CAPS Dental Plan Advantage:

  • Quality Dentistry
  • Low Cost Dental Insurance
  • Access to Dental Specialty Care
  • Convenient Dental Insurance
  • Stable Dental Insurance Membership Fees
  • Dental Health News
  • Doctor Network

CAPS Dental Plan provides affordable dental insurance for individuals and families in Minneapolis, St Paul, and all the Twin Cities, Minnesota through participating dentists. Call CAPS Dental Plan for dental insurance in Minnesota, (952) 857-1177, or fill out the sign up form on this page. You will be contacted within the next business day.