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Providing quality dental care since 1977

Welcome to CAPS Dental Plan

Minnesota Dental Insurance Alternative

At CAPS Dental Plan, we look forward to helping you meet your dental care needs.

Since 1977, CAPS Dental Plan has taken careful steps in developing a network of qualified Minnesota dental practitioners who share our goal of making dental care coverage accessible to everyone.  Dental health care is often ignored until an emergency or painful situation - but regular visits to the dentist can save you trouble and allow for monetary savings as well.

Our Goal: To truly motivate, and promote the regular use of a dentist to benefit overall physical and mental health.

CAPS Dental Plan offers:

  • Affordable dental plans for individuals and families.
  • Affordable dental plans for businesses and employees.
  • Immediate savings on dental work, no waiting period or loss of benefits due to pre-existing conditions.
  • Over 100 participating dental providers throughout Minnesota's Minneapolis and St. Paul regions for convenient care.
  • Dental fees that are 20% to 30% less than the average fees charged throughout Minnesota.
  • Orthodontics - Oral Surgery - Endodontic and Periodontal care included.
  • Savings on cosmetic dentistry.
  • Yearly CAPS Dental Plan membership dues starting at $53.00.
  • Ability to register today and look for a dentist tomorrow; great for emergency dental visits!
  • We are also one of the only dental benefit providers that openly show our fees.

"For every $1.00 spent on preventive oral health care saves $8.00 to $50.00 on restorative and emergency procedures."

-American Dental Hygienists Association

Do you need emergency dental care?

With CAPS Dental Plan, if you need emergency care, you can get it quicker than attaining a new dentist and finding an appointment.  Many times, you can sign up, be approved, and find a densit who takes our plan within days (though we cannot guarantee it).  The reason for this is because what is painful can get worse, so save money through quick action.  Why risk an emergency, though?  Preventative care will help and is something you can do every six months for an affordable price.


Increase your chances for a long happy life with regular dental visits.
Start today with CAPS!

Get Coverage


  • Individual ($53.00)
  • Individual + 1 ($73.00)
  • Family ($93.00)
  • Employee Dental Benefit (Contact Us)

Fee Schedule

Members save 20% to 30% off the average dental fees charged in the Twin Cities.

MN Dental Insurance | CAPS Fee Structure